Maiah Wynne

and the Tualatin High School Orchestra

June 2017



What is a School Workshop?  

Have you ever wondered what a hit song would sound like with a full orchestra behind it?  Are you in a high school band and dream of playing with a professional musician?  

That’s what UNCUT workshops are about – connecting high school band programs with professional musicians.  We have partnered with local school music programs and local artists to create a beautiful program which includes:  

  1. In-school interactive workshops and programs hosted by local professional musicians, introducing student musicians to their trade.   In addition to immersing themselves into high school age musicians, our programs also introduce non-music students to the beauty and art of music. 
  2. A customized, professional curated and produced music recruitment program that can be used in elementary and secondary schools to generate interest in school music and choral programs. 
  3. Professionally engineered recording of original music, performed by the artists with student/group accompaniment. 
  4. Live performances by students and professional musicians of the music they curate
  5. Professionally produced video of performance

Upcoming Workshops

Stereo RV - Fall 2017 - School TBD

Past Workshops

Haley Johnsen @ Tualatin High School

One From Many @ Tualatin High School

Our school workshops only exist because of your generous donations.   Please consider a small donation so we can continue providing this valuable service to more schools in the Portland area.   


Are you a student or school that would like to see this happen at your school?   Contact us at if so