Haley Johnsen Music

2343 se oak st Portland, OR 9721
I work with students of all ages and backgrounds and assist in helping them find them find freedom and control in their voices. I help them with the basic technical aspects of singing and also how important it is to have it be a full body sensory experience. Singing can be even more healing and joyful once you are able to break out of unhealthy habits and learn to emote not only correctly, but from the heart!
In addition to voice, I work with beginning to intermediate guitar students and specialize in acoustic rhythm guitar, guitar picking, and some lead guitar playing.
I also thoroughly enjoy walking my students through the songwriting process. Songwriting can seem daunting and confusing at first, but when the basic theory is put in place as well as an understanding of song form, it can be incredibly rewarding!
Being a touring musician and someone who has experienced many years on stage (and a top 24 on American Idol), I also offer help with stage performance. You can have all the chops in the world, but the truth is that people listen with their eyes when it comes to a live performance! I enjoy helping people feel comfortable in their own skin when it comes to performing.

PDX Spotlight

PDX Spotlight is a local TV/Web series dedicated to the Portland music scene.  In addition to providing a platform for up and coming musicians, PDX Spotlight has made it their mission to help develop youth musicians as they prepare for the next level.  PDX Spotlight provides much of the audio/video support for UNCUT and helps connect our members to local musicians. 

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NW Music Experience

NW Music experience focuses on experiential programs, connecting young musicians with professional artists in order to write, record, and perform original music.  NW Music Experience currently curates all high school concerts for Uncut.   

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